Will Computers Replace Humans?

Computer Human Coexistence

There is a growing apprehension that computers shall replace humans very soon. Ever improving AI and algorithms have fueled this fear.  It is basically due to the reason that many of the business functions and decisions are being made by the computers.

Are computers making any decisions? No, they are analyzing the information provided to them and based on programs fed to them, providing inputs to humans enabling them to make better decisions and, in some cases, taking actions too. In all these cases computers are using their intelligence but they do not have intellect. They can perform tedious calculations and analyze complex situations in a fraction of the time required by humans. This is done based on logic provided to them by humans. Computers cannot decide the logic on their own. It needs intellect, which is not there with computers. Computers can make calculations and analyses based on certain pre-determined variables. They cannot analyze the situation if a new variable is added.

Computers are here to assist humans to perform their functions more effectively and efficiently. They are aids not competitors to humans. They are complimentary not substitutes to humans. They must be seen as tools for empowering humans. Organizations that use computers for empowering teams are more likely to flourish than the ones thinking computers to replace their manpower.

Therefore, computers are not likely to eliminate or reduce the manpower requirement in the business. Although there shall be adjustments and re-orientation of skills and qualifications required as an individual to help organizations carry out the business.

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