tagline writing

The tagline serves the important function of connecting a brand with the target audience. It is a short and simple phrase used by a brand to convey the brand message and establish an emotional connection with the customers. The test of a good tagline is that the customers must be able to recall and recognize the brand just by its tagline. Tagline and brand slogans serve the same purpose. A tagline is permanent or is used for a longer horizon of time, whereas a slogan may change from one marketing campaign to another.

The tagline must be memorable and preferably convey the value to be derived by customers for example ‘Paytm Karo’. In some cases, it may not directly convey the values but may encourage the customers to relate themselves with the brand personality. Taglines may be categorized as follows:

  • Asking for An Action
    • YouTube- Broadcast Yourself
    • Coca Cola- Have A Coke/ Open Happiness
    • AT&T- Reach Out And Touch Someone
  • Provoking
  • Adidas- Impossible is nothing
  • Burger King- Have It Your Way
  • Apple- Think Different
  • Superlative
  • Budweiser- The king of beers
  • Gillette- The Best A Man Can Get
  • BMW- The Ultimate Driving Machine

These are just a few examples, there are many categories with lots of examples.

Recipe for a Great Tagline

  • Ingredients:

Collect the following data:

  • The value proposition or pain alleviation your target customers are looking for, that you can provide efficiently and profitably.
  • The tone and style that fits your brand
  • Emotions on which you may establish a connection with your customers.
  • Processing:
  • Form three or four alternative statements using the ingredients mentioned above.
  • Rephrase them to compress by eliminating verbs and other constituents wherever possible
  • Follow the golden rule of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Your tagline is ready to use after three or four rounds of processing

Some of the taglines suggestions are as follows:

For a cooking oil start-up

  • Swad Aur Sehat 
  • We blend taste with fitness
  • No oily feeling
  • Experience the un-oil

For an educational and counselling firm

  • Your highway to a bright career
  • Flight to a bright career awaits you here
  • Shaping young minds into shining stars
  • The ultimate destination for career guidance
  • Bridging qualifications and careers
  • Shaping the talents into assets for the nation

For a roadside food start-up

  • Khane kaa swaad, jo hameshaa rahe yaad
  • Behatar swaad liye, aapki raahon mein khade hain hum
  • Yahaan khaanaa hai zaruri, varnaa yaatraa rahegi adhuri
  • Har mehfil mein hamaare charche hain, nazare-inaayat aapki