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Necessity for re-branding: Acquisitions and mergers Brand currently does not have a distinct positioning in the market Brand’s PODs have been imitated by the competition There is a change/ addition in the value proposition Brand has got a negative image and is facing crisis in the market due to some recent incident Consumers/ channel do […]

Magento vs WooCommerce – Making the Right Choice

While selecting the right platform for an e-commerce website, Magento and WooCommerce emerge as strong contenders; and choosing either is a tough decision. Both of them are open-source platforms offering free as well as paid versions. Either of them is a winner on certain parameters, which makes it a better choice over the other. Let’s […]

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing connects the company with its customers by engaging them through video, audio, blogs, storytelling etc. It provides something of value to the customers as well. Content marketing offers benefits to the company as well as to the customers, as per follows: Benefits to the company: Content marketing connects company and its products with […]

Business Development

Wish you and your loved ones a Safe, Vibrant, and Blissful Holi !!!

Will Computers Replace Humans?

There is a growing apprehension that computers shall replace humans very soon. Ever improving AI and algorithms have fueled this fear. It is basically due to the reason that many of the business functions and decisions are being made by the computers.

Leadership for Transformation

Leadership style has been a matter of debate for a long. During the last review meeting, Rohit, a star performer expressed his apprehension for loss of sales and suggested to take the opinion of the sales team before launching the new product portfolio, but CEO was firm on his stand to launch it, as it […]

Why Choose Us

Do you want to have a content that generates more leads and can convert your  website traffic into loyal customers? If yes, we are here to serve you with engaging and  impactful content that helps you stay ahead of the competition, increase your ROI and achieve your business objectives. We are a professional organization providing […]

Relief Pacakge – A New Perspective

I got this piece in my WhatsApp feed and found it to be providing a new perspective.Therefore I decided to share it with due credit to its anonymous author. 👇 राहत पैकेज को ऐसे समझे 👇👇👇👇👇👇 # एक बार 10 मित्र ढाबे पे खाना खाने गए । बिल आया 100 रु । 10 रु की […]

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