My daughter has just come out of her study room and is complaining that she has forgotten, whatever she had studied during the last ten days. She would lose the momentum of study after every seven to ten days and this period of disengagement would last for two to three days.

I am on the job of convincing her that what she thinks having forgotten is stored in her subconscious memory, it’s not effort wasted but needs to be reinforced by revision. Besides, the tendency of disengagement from any activity after a certain period of high-intensity involvement is quite natural. We need to reconnect as soon as possible, as the gap may keep the goals out of sight; and out of sight may lead to out of mind, eventually out of reach.

Life is not a straight line. It always follows a sine curve, with the difference that the horizontal axis as well as amplitude keeps changing. When we embark upon learning a new skill or learning meditation or enter into a relationship or suffering/ recovering from an illness you move four steps forward and one step backward, again four steps forward and one step backward and the cycle continues. The one-step backward movement makes us feel that we are losing something or our efforts are going in vain, but it’s not the case. We are moving ahead three steps net every cycle. So we must try to keep moving ahead, even if sometimes we feel that we have lost all my previous gains. For every great climb, a small stumbling may be in inches, is quite natural and acceptable.

But this ‘acceptable’ does not seem to be acceptable to younger ones and millennials. Do you think it’s acceptable or you join the league of millennials?

Shall be glad to have your opinion in the comments box.