Making Life Choices

flow of life

I recall my interview with HR Head three years back in this room. She threw her favorite question, “Where do you see yourself five years down the line?” I gave her a very impressive reply showcasing my appetite for learning new skills, climbing the organization ladder, reaching a leadership position etc, and convinced her that I was the best fit out of four candidates. I am just out of the same room after having an exit interview with the same person. Her closing remark was ‘our doors are open for you if you wish to join us in future’. This sentence made me have a perspective of the scenario if I decide to join back this organization after three years, for the love of the company and friends I enjoyed here.

A lot has changed over the last three years. My looks, my personality, my soft skills, my perspectives; everything has changed during the last three years. The same applies to other colleagues too. Even some have quit the organization and some new ones have joined. This momentum shall continue in the future too. A lot has changed inside us and in our relationships. Even the furniture and curtains installed last year after renovation, have changed something inside me. We are changing every moment.

The food, the thoughts, the media we consume, the company we keep, the books we read, the tasks we are assigned with, the rate of success or completion of the tasks, all keep our perspectives changing every moment. So as I am now, was never earlier, won’t be in the future. A river is at this moment only right from its source through mountains, falls, dams and to its confluence with the sea. It shall be another river, transformed one,  next moment.

The possibility of transformation empowers me to thrive in every sphere of life without carrying the baggage of my past, although I am an extension of my past.

 So shall join the same organization after three years?

Please let me know your comments….