Importance of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing connects the company with its customers by engaging them through video, audio, blogs, storytelling etc. It provides something of value to the customers as well. Content marketing offers benefits to the company as well as to the customers, as per follows:

Benefits to the company:

  1. Content marketing connects company and its products with the customers.
  2. If rightly created, it communicates the benefits/ problem alleviation being offered by the company’s products.
  3. Right content helps create new leads and convert them into customers and fans.
  4. Truthful improves the customers’ trust in the company’s products.
  5. It helps company build brand equity.
  6. Great content helps company establish itself as an authority in the field.

Benefits to the customers:

  1. Right content connects customers to the right product to satisfy their needs/ alleviate a problem.
  2. Relevant content enhances the knowledge of the customers about subject of their interest.
  3. Content marketing saves customers on the time and effort spent by them on exploring and comparing the alternatives, while making a purchase.
  4. In addition to the knowledge enhancement, content sometimes offers entertainment, fun and stress buster/ relaxation value.